Northern NH Snowmobile Tours - Guided Tours of northern NH trails.
Welcome to our site.
NNHST is located in
Clarksville NH
(We are    1/2 mile from
Pittsburg NH)
We offer guided tours & snowmobile rentals of the northern NH trail system.
Are you new to snowmobiling?
Never tried it but would like to?
Lets us guide you through the trails to the most spectacular sites. Without worrying about getting lost or where to find gas.

Stop and take some pictures at Grandview. (above)
Feed the Jays at East Inlet, see buffalo at the Buffalo Yard, ride to the Canadian border.
Here at Northern NH Snowmobile Tours we value the land we play on and are committed to protecting it. Our desire to thrill, is paired with an emphasis on rider responsibility, placing personal safety above all else. We want to make sure that each outing we take you on, is the most enjoyable, memorable and thrilling experience possible.
Our #1 goal for every person we take out is that, we believe your free time should always be your best time.
With that being said "Let's Ride".

 Please call or email  for availability.

It is starting to get cool out. Soon the snow will be falling and the trails will open. Come on up to the North Country and enjoy snowmobiling.

Also don't forget next season we do ATV tours also.

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